20 August 2007

Viking Week

My birthday weekend was fantastic! I was a little bummed out because a couple of friends had moved away, a few others were going to be out of town and yet I really wanted to celebrate my last birthday of my 30s.

Saturday, my friend Reckless and I went on a road trip! I had put together a schedule for visiting a few Nebraska Wineries. We were planning on setting off at 10:00, but I had a little trouble getting up in the morning and R had a little trouble at Panera and then Starbucks. So, we set off about 11:00 and after a bit of trouble with the cup of Starbucks coffee, we were on our way.

Two states later we arrived in Brownville, Nebraska. The old bridge heading into town wrecked havoc on Rs nerves, but we managed to make it to the winery without serious incident. This winery is called Whiskey Run Creek. The winery is in an old barn that was moved to the area and placed over a small creek. The landscaping was well done so the aesthetics were very nice. They didn't charge for the tasting, so I selected to try each one of their wines. One smelled like peanut butter and another had a likeness to sawdust. Overall their wine was very good.

From Brownville, we headed West to Crete and Denton. We went through Beatrice and drove around in the country for a while before we finally found Prime County Winery outside of Denton. That was definitely an experience. They gave free tasting, so I tried all of them, but they served them in little cough syrup plastic cups. I thought all their wine tasted the same and they all had that bitter plastic taste. I couldn't believe it.

After leaving Prime County, we headed to Springfield where we would meet a few other friends and do a bit more wine tasting at Soaring Wings Winery. I struck up a conversation with a guy standing at the bar and he ended up buying my friends and I a block of cheese! Nebraskans are so nice.

After that, we headed to Lucky's Ten-O-One restaurant for dinner. My friends surprised me with a fantastic gift!! A red camera!

Sunday, the surprise was my friend, who moved to California earlier this year, showed up outside the restaurant where we had brunch! I have to say I have the best friends in world.

The party continues this week. I thought it was a bit haughty to celebrate my birthday all week, so I created Viking Week. You know, like Shark Week on the Discovery channel. The fun continues!

Monday, was PIE DAY! We had blueberry, apple and french silk pie at work. Tuesday, it's fun and mayhem at the Crescent Moon. Wednesday I'm sure we'll find some excuse to party. Thursday mom and dad will be here celebrating my birthday.... this weekend I'll have to recuperate.