25 January 2007

The Census Bureau & My Viking Ethnicity

I got a survey from the census bureau a few weeks ago. I love filling out surveys, so of course I sat right down and filled it out. I got to the question of my ethnic background. It only gave me two spaces to let them know what my ethnic background was. Well, this is a pickle. I have MULTIPLE ethnic backgrounds like so many Americans. But, the survey required me to pick only two. How could I put my French background over my Swedish? What about my English and Swiss? I couldn't say I was German without also mentioning English and I couldn't say I was English without also including French. Well, what do all these ethnicities have in common? Yep. Vikings. So, I put Viking as my ethnic background.

Then I got the call from the Census Bureau. They wanted to know what "viking" meant. Are they serious? Just because it isn't a currently recognized ethnicity, does that mean I can't claim it as my own? Isn't it plausible that someone may claim to be Yugoslavian? I felt it was perfectly rational. I'm not sure how the Bureau will categorized my response.

But just to prove that I am not selecting Viking willy-nilly as my ethnicity, my sister was doing some genealogical research and discovered an ancestor of ours that goes to the year 822 and includes Richard Sans Peur, the Duke of Normandy. Our ancestors include "The Longsword," William 1, Second Duke of Normandy and Rollo, "The Dane", 1st Duke of Normandy, all the way back to King Halfdan HUITHEIN "The Old" of Norway, and then to The Viking OLAF King of Vermeland, and then Ilgiald King of Sweden , Onund King of Sweden, YNGVAR King Of Sweden, Eystein King of Sweden, and ADELIS "The Great Of Sweden."


04 January 2007

BSU--National Champs?

Fox shows lots of crowd shots which I found interesting (annoying early in the game and then fascinating as the emotional roller coaster was on full tilt).

I was empathetic toward the Sooner fans as they are much like Husker fans (plus, I'm sure BSU fans are really annoying--particularly to a legendary power-house like OU). The shock they must of felt that Boise St was ahead the entire game, then the raw, ecstatic, joy when they ran the interception back for a TD; and then the sobering and
shocking realization that they were going into overtime... all they had was hope for a little sooner magic. I think deep in their hearts they knew that the broncos had the advantage in OT. It wasn't yet midnight and they were still at the ball (where are those evil step-sisters when you need them?)!

The Boise St fans were equally entertaining, but their joy was sustained throughout... until OU got the ball with a few minutes left in the game. That's when I knew it would get interesting, the Broncos were worn out and the Sooners were incensed. I had been saying since the championship game that Boise St would beat the Sooners; I felt my prediction going down the toilet when the sooners got the ball with just enough time to score. Oh, too bad. I enjoy rooting for the underdogs and they played well enough to win, so they should be proud that they played so....

what? we're going to overtime!? Figures. I have to work in the morning!

It was such a slow-motion moment when the running back from BSU was running to the endzone, he was still 5 yards away but he knew (and so did everyone else) that he was going to score the two points; I'm not sure i've ever seen a more joyous run!

I recall a replay of the two broncos who were in shock after the play. I also recall a tight end hollering at a lineman on the Bronco sideline just after OU ran the interception back for a TD, "We're NOT giving up! We're not tired! We're going to give it our ALL until the clock reads zero! We can DO THIS! This game is not over yet! We got a lot more fight in us!" After that speech the lineman nodded and stood up and high-fived the guy. He was clearly exhausted and ready to lie down, but that speech reminded him of the reason they were there.

That's is what college football is all about. An instant classic! I love it!