03 July 2008

A Day in the Life...

have you ever lived a day and imagined a reporter covering the day for a magazine article? it'd be like "a day in the life of the esoteric viking!" you'd have a respectable NPR reporter that would hang out with you for a day to tell the world--who can't wait to hear--about what a day would be like in your world. well, i'm here to tell you, you are really missing something! here's what the magazine article would be like without the professional writing abilities.

crawled out of bed. stop at starbucks on the way to work (6:38 a.m). watch track Olympic trials on TV. decide the female track athletes must be the most beautiful women in the world. consider taking up track as a sport. feel giddy to have a day off. take the kitty-cat outside to remove a pound or two of excess fur. climb into bed before the day officially ends to the sounds of (illegal) fireworks and the smell of sulfur in the air.

ok,now, seriously... why doesn't everyone have a reporter following them for a day??