11 June 2008

"some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm"

I feel so at peace after listening to a thunderstorm.

The sound of the rain drops smacking against the pavement and trees is a fascinating sound. Partly because it's such a familiar sound and also because it's rare to hear it. Behind the raindrops, far, far away is the low, sometimes cracking, sounds of thunder. It rumbles away giving away it's distance. It's almost life-like how you can hear it get closer and then move farther away. To sit and listen to it makes you feel like you're on a different planet... or maybe it just reminds you that you are living on a planet; like those in the sci-fi shows you watch on television. Sometimes I think we lose site of the fact that we are an anomaly on this Planet Earth and not just another life form wandering about on our minuscule portion of the world. There genuinely is nothing like a thunderstorm in true surround sound. It's wonderful. Poets and writers and composers have tried to mimic the visceral reaction you have when sitting in the dark doing nothing but listening to the earth go about it's business and yet, as close as they have come, there's really nothing like it.

It makes you feel so tiny on an enormous planet.

Look at the word THUNDERSTORM. Look at it as if you don't know what it means... it looks like a Viking word. Maybe that's why I like it.

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  1. Anonymous28/9/08 17:52

    i wish i could write this good
    its amazing
    i think this is the best thing i've ever read
    yur a super bomb writer
    i love it.