09 September 2007

The Great Britain Itinerary

In less than 2 days I will be on a plane heading to Edinburgh. I leave Omaha at 3:45 and will arrive on Wednesday around 10:00 a.m.

I've been planning my trip with enthusiasm, and yet I still feel unprepared! I have finalized the basic itinerary so you can imagine what I'm doing at any given time.

I arrive in the morning of the 12 and will head into town to meet the landlord of the apartment I'll be staying in. This will be very handy. For one thing, it will be cheaper than any hotel I could find (about the same price as the hostels). But, there's full kitchen so we can make our own coffee/tea and dinner if we want (which should save us some money). I have Wednesday afternoon and Thursday to explore the city. Friday is the wedding and we will have the opportunity to wander about the castle. Friday evening we'll be going on a ghost walk courtesy of the newlyweds. Saturday morning is open and in the afternoon we'll be taking a tour of Mary King's Close. That night I have reservations at a hostel in York.

Sunday I'll spend the day wandering about the city and spending some time at the Jorvik museum (the viking museum)! This is the only day where rain is in the forecast. Monday I meet the newlyweds at the train station and get a knowledgeable tour of York. I know we'll be seeing York Minster and the Shambles. I'll probably have some extra time on Sunday, so if you know of something I can't miss while I'm in York, let me know! Monday evening I hop on a train to London.

I arrive late Monday night and head to my friend's apartment. I'm sure I will sleep well on her blue couch! London is where I don't have a lot of plans and I don't leave until early Saturday morning. I have tickets to see Boeing Boeing on Wednesday night and plan on going to the British Museum, the Kensington Museums--specifically the Natural History and possibly the Science museums--the Tower of London, The Globe (including a matinée of The Merchant of Venice), and a lot of wandering around the city.

If you know of anything in these three cities that I cannot miss, let me know!

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