21 September 2007

The Final Act: London

Here I am, my last day in London and less than 24 hours before I leave for home. My stay here has been wonderful. The first day I reacquainted myself with the city. I walked down fleet street to Trafalgar square, to Westminster and Parliament; I crossed the Thames at Big Ben (even though he's not there, he's being polished or repaired someplace). I went past the London Eye and walked along the river to Shakespeare's Globe theatre. I purchased a ticket to "The Merchant of Venice" matinée. Here I became a Groundling, one who stands in the yard during the performance. It was fantastic!! A ghost tour ended the evening.

Wednesday I walked to Leicester Square and then to the British Museum where I made my linguistic pilgrimage to The Rosetta Stone. Then it was to a pub for a few delicious ales and to the theatre. We saw a comedy, "Boeing Boeing" which was really good. I love to watch live theatre. One of the actors lost it on stage and a giggling fit ensued (brief, but still amusing). This play had Rhea Perlman playing one of the main characters.

Thursday was more walking... or should I say, limping. I wandered to the Borough Market, stopping for lunch along the way. I ended up at the Tower but shortly before it closed. So I had a tea in a shop called "Eat." and watched it pour down rain. I ended up walking back to the apartment and propped my feet up for the rest of the evening. I let my friend cook for me and we enjoyed some mead purchased at the Edinburgh castle that I don't want to drag home with me.

Today has been the Tower (took a bus this time). A stop to write a post. Now I'll enjoy an Ale and reflect on my trip.

I am exhausted today and pretty much ready to head home. I need to savor the last few hours of my time here and head home with a happy heart. I feel content with what I've seen and done here. I see why everyone wants to live in London despite the expense. It's really an international city with no shortage of things to do and see. Walking around everywhere has been really revealing and really hard on my poor feet. I've loved it though. I decided today I need to train for my next trip abroad. I have to figure out where I'll go next!!

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