21 April 2008

Big Breakfast

From Consumer Reports health newsletter, "People who get lots of their calories at breakfast tend to have a lower body mass index than others, according to a recent analysis of some 6,000 people. The big-breakfast eaters, who consumed 22 to 50 percent of their daily calories in the morning, gained less weight over time than people who tended to eat more as the day progressed. That may be because breakfast lends itself to filling, higher-fiber foods like whole-grain cereal. Previous research suggest that successful dieters tend to eat breakfast every day."

My only question is this: For those people who are eating 50% of their calories for breakfast, what are they eating?! What do you have to eat to get 600-800 calories at breakfast? I mean, that's a MONDO bowl of cereal or oatmeal!

comments REQUESTED!

1 comment:

  1. I basically go for the ABC's. It is easy to remember and it insures that breakfast has those important calories.

    A = Almonds
    B = bacon, piles of it.
    C = Coca Cola

    Sometimes I skip the almonds and focus on the bacon.