04 November 2008

The Shakespeare Hotel - Stratford-u-Avon

The Shakespeare hotel used to be three separate houses that have been joined into a single building and turned into a hotel. It's decorated in the original Tudor style and has several large open fireplaces. The beds and the couches in the lobby were overly soft. I loved them! Each room is named after a character in a Shakespeare play. The first room we had was called "Two Gentlemen of Verona." It was a nice room with a large bathroom, television, and looked out over the front street on the second floor.

Vicks and I dumped our stuff there and then took off to explore more of the town. When we returned around 8:00 the room SMELLED. There was a horrible sewage smell in the room! Even I was disgusted and I worked at smellicos... so we requested to be moved to a different room. Unfortunately at that time there were no more double rooms. They offered to put us in a room where we could share a bed. HA! Like that was going to happen! So, they put us in two single rooms in the back of the hotel, on the third floor in a (deserted) quiet part of the hotel. The windows looked out over gardens and an alley. Vicki's room was "Moonshine" and mine was "Pyramus."

The manager who took us to our new rooms kept telling us that if we hear someone waling up and down the hallway that it was just the "night porter." After about the 3rd time of him saying that we asked if the hotel was haunted. He shared with us a few ghost stories. Apparently there was a man who lived in one of the homes and he kept his daughter in the attic where she died. Now people who stay in the room that was his home, they hear scratching in the walls and see a small girl skipping up and down the hallways. Her name is Lucy.

As we moved into our new rooms we noticed that no one was in any of the other rooms on the floor and to note, we were in the attic! So, we got ourselves freaked out a bit especially since we were in our own rooms, alone. The next morning the manager asked if we heard anyone... we said we had. He told us the night porter wasn't on duty last night...

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