07 January 2009

The Flexitarian Viking?

I have been a flexitarian for about 10 years, which might be about 10 years longer than the word has been in existence (according to wikipedia it's been around since 1992). Today I discovered that there is a diet book based on the flexitarian diet. Which I find highly amusing. I have to admit it is partly annoying and yet a source of pride seeing my passion suddenly become mainstream. Having spent all my life so far trying NOT to be mainstream, it's a strange sensation. The words "tree-hugger" and "environmentalist" were not always ones I liked to bring up in public to describe myself, but now I shamelessly assert my opinionated self on others letting them know how they can live in a more sustainable way.


  1. You should check out the book! It is really great! I have also eaten a flexitarian diet for a long time but this book turned me on to some new foods and ingredients that I had never tried before. It is written in a really fun style/tone as well. The author is really knowledgeable and you can tell her nutrition information is science-based (you can tell by the extensive use of references to research articles). The author's website (http://www.dawnjacksonblatner.com) also has a ton of delicious recipes available for download (for free) as well. She is a cooking instructor in addition to being a Registered Dietitian. I really enjoy the book and think you should embrace the fact that flexitarianism is making it into the mainstream. How can people eating more veggies not be a good thing??!!

  2. I became a flexitarian after my son was born. I looked at those big blue eyes and it just hit me. I wanted the best for him. Why wouldn't I want the best for me and the food I eat is me!

    At first it was really hard. There were so few good options and the only recipes I could find were pretty awful.

    I have to tell you I was real excited the first time I wandered beyond the chip and dairy aisles at the super market and discovered there was an entire section of the store devoted to vegetables and fruits! There is so much you can do with them. You can steam them, boil them, eat them raw, and I just love putting mushrooms on my steak.

    It is great that finally we are getting the recognition we deserve. I no longer have to hide behind the label "vegetarian."