24 November 2006

Texas or Oklahoma?

Today two very important games are being played--at least as far as the Huskers are concerned.

At 2:30 today, the Huskers will face their final Big XII north opponent: Colorado. If the Huskers beat CU today they will be undefeated against the Big XII north. This would mark the first time we sweep the Big XII north since the 20th century (1999 to be exact). I'm not sure what that tells you; either the Huskers have improved that much or the rest of the BTN teams have deteriorated. I think there's a little bit of both going on. One thing is for certain, the 1999 season wasn't as painful to watch as the 2006 season which definitely tells you something is amiss. But I digress...

At 11:00 today, Texas faces Texas A&M. A rivalry game worthy of it's spot the day after Thanksgiving (unlike the fake rivalry game the Huskers will play in today). Frankly, I'm looking forward to this in state game more than I am the NU/CU game. I despise both these Texas teams, but since the outcome will help or hurt Texas' chances of playing the Huskers again in the Championship game, I have a distinct interest in who wins.

One thing I've never been fond of is rematches within the same season (don't even get me started on the defeasance of the Ohio St/Michigan game). The thought of facing Texas again in the Championship game bores me (and causes my eyes to roll). Of course, this is what you get when you have a conference championship game and for that I am forever annoyed with the Big XII Conference. Yet again, I digress....

It comes down to this. If Texas loses to A&M today and Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State on Saturday, then the Huskers get to play Oklahoma for the championship. If Texas wins, well, then the world gets to see Texas and Nebraska play again (ugh). Moreover, I think Nebraska has a better chance of beating Oklahoma and thereby winning the conference championship. Something that hasn't happened since, you guessed it, 1999.

An interesting note, in 1999 the Huskers had a rematch game with Texas. We lost to them during the regular season and then played them again in the Championship game--which we won.

So, today, I'll be rooting for Nebraska during the Texas/TX A&M game hoping A&M wins. And then I'll watch the CU game indolently but with interest in an effort not to be too disappointed and frustrated. It should be a good day.

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